• BluClad
    BluClad is a flat, Class 0 building board which has outstanding dimensional stability.
  • Masterboard
    Masterboard is a versatile Class 0 building board suitable for use in a wide range of internal and semi-exposed applications.
  • Cement Particle Board
    Cement Particle Board is a smooth and highly durable cement particle board.


  • Athlon Panels
    Athlon Panels are designed specifically for interior applications.
  • Meteon Panels
    Meteon Panels are extensively used in façade systems, façade parts, balconies and different other applications around the world.
  • Toplab
    A self-supporting flat panel, Toplab has a cellulose fibre reinforced phenolic resin core.
  • Glasal
    Fully compressed, autoclaved fibre cement sheets available in a range of optically flat colour fast colours.
  • Natura Panels
    Light weight,weather-resistant panels with semi-translucent, pigmented surface through which the natural fibre cement finish can be seen.
  • Weatherboard
    Fibre cement weatherboard is the ideal low maintenance, rot free alternative to traditional timber weatherboarding.
  • Rockpanel
    Strong and lightweight, Rockpanel boards combine the durability of stone with the workability of wood.


  • Profile 6
    Profile 6 is a high strength fibre cement sheet with polypropylene reinforcement strips inserted along precisely engineered locations that run along the length of the sheet.
  • Slates
    Fibre Cement slates offer the latest in outstanding aesthetics.

Fire Protection

  • Supalux
    Supalux is a strong, lightweight non-combustible building board for use in many fire resisting and general-purpose building applications.
  • Vermiculux
    Vermiculux is a lightweight non-combustible board specially designed to provide fire protection to structural steelwork.

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Alternative to Masterclad

FGF can supply an alternative to Masterclad, which is equally as tough and durable high impact strength.


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