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UdiSpeed System

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UdiSpeed system is the ideal, universal, render bearer-board for timber constructions. Available with an insulation layer thickness of 40mm.

UdiSpeed system in combination with UdiPERL structured fine render fulfils all the requirements for a professional renovation using external chipboard and for new timber-framed constructions, both without a vapour barrier.

For the first time, a special technology has made it possible to achieve a permanent, warp-free surface render structure in combination with a 40mm wood-fibre insulation layer using UdiPerl structured fine render.


  • easy time-saving installation
  • easy to handle format
  • tongue and groove joints around the whole circumference provide a formed fit without thermal bridges
  • for use in timber constructions for existing and new buildings
  • suitable for internal and external use
  • minimal cutting waste
  • warp free
  • ideal render bearer-board
  • patent protected

Technical Data

Format130cm x 79cm
Apparent densityEN 3323 ca. 240kg/m³
Building materials classDIN EN 13501-1 E, DIN 4102 B 2
Thermal conductivityEN 13171; 0,05 W(mK)
Water vapour diffusion resistance number µ5
InstallationThe technical building approval Z -33.47-1026 is binding for the installation

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