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50 years of FGF Organisation

After 50 years in business, FGF Limited has developed a detailed understanding of the demands of modern industry today and offers a comprehensive distribution and re-manufacturing service to the building and construction industry across the UK today.

A family owned business, which thrives on customer care, was founded by current Chairman Mr. F S Mayman. FGF began as a mill furnisher, supplying maintenance and utility products to local factories and garages-hence its original name, Factory and Garage Furnishers. After diversifying into insulation and high temperature products during the fifties and sixties, FGF introduced and developed a re-manufacturing service to meet the need for tailor made items.

Energy conservation was the next factor to influence the company’s development in responding to growing demand for insulation materials. This was followed by changes in fire safety legislation, promoting FGF to expand its range still further to include fire protection products and insulating boards.

Today FGF is dedicated in widening its product range and service levels to the building industry. Specialist sales teams, Internal and External, are now established to provide a rapid response in handling customer enquiries efficiently.

Latest News

Alternative to Pyrok

FGF can supply alternative solutions to the Pyrok high performance structural board.

Alternative to Masterclad

FGF can supply an alternative to Masterclad, which is equally as tough and durable high impact strength.


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