High Temperature

  • Dalfratex
    Dalfratex is a range of inorganic fibres and textiles.
  • Duratec
    Duratec materials are “technical ceramics” made from calcium silicate.
  • Monalite
    The Monalite ranges of products are heat-treated, calcium silicate boards.
  • Calcium Silicate Insulation
    Calcium Silicate insulation material (working temperature 1000șC) with thermal conductivity of 0.058W/(mK) at 200șC, and is available in sheet, moulded or machined component form.
  • Sindanyo
    Sindanyo has been developed to provide outstanding service in demanding thermal and electrical applications.

General Industrial

  • Non Asbestos Millboard
    The raw materials used for the production of Non Asbestos Millboard are special ceramic and mineral fibres.
  • Mineral Wool Insulation
    Cladding Roll Alu-faced and Cladding Roll U/F, are manufactured in a variety of Thicknesses to suit the needs of virtually any applications to commercial or industrial framed buildings.

Latest News

Alternative to Pyrok

FGF can supply alternative solutions to the Pyrok high performance structural board.

Alternative to Masterclad

FGF can supply an alternative to Masterclad, which is equally as tough and durable high impact strength.


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