Panel Wall

Panel Wall

Initially designed as a simple, quick and easy to install wall to divide up the space within a relocatable/portable building into offices. It is just as quick to remove when finished with and can be re-used again and again.

This system is to be used in place of the traditional stud partitioning which can take anywhere between ½ to 1 day to install and when finished with is smashed up and thrown away. The Panel-Wall system can be fitted within 1 hour.

The system

A partition kit is made up of the following components:

  • 1 no. Door Panel -
    a Sapele internal flush door fitted to a fully assembled aluminium frame. The frame is available in either white or brown powder coat paint finish.
    The door can be supplied left hand or right hand hung and is fitted with a UNION 2 lever MH lock with numbered keys.
  • 2 no. Panels -
    a panel is supplied with a pre-decorated finish both sides bonded to a polystyrene core. The finish is a vinyl coating bonded to plywood and usually matches the interior of the building.
  • 1 no. Channel Kit - a bundle of aluminium extruded channels supplied with the same finish as the door frame and are used for the installation.

When erected, a standard kit will make a 10 foot wide x 8 foot tall partitioning wall. Due to its construction and design, the system can be cut to size and can be tailored to comply with customer specification.

Typical customer

This style of system is attractive to mainly the larger cabin hire companies, we currently deliver to Elliotthire, Ravenstock MSG, Speedy Space and Wernick Hire. Other companies which can be included are A-Plant Accommodation, SGB Rovacabin, Konstructa Hire, Nixon Hire and even Portakabin (with a slight modification to the system).

Cabin manufacturers and container conversion companies are also key customers, we currently supply to Sterling Cabins, Bootle Containers and Lydney Containers. Others to approach include Eldapoint, Stackright, Gateway Fabrications, Merlin Containers, Integra, Ideal Building Systems, Caledonian, Thurston, Alsim to name but a few...


The internal flush door can be supplied with a vision panel, we currently stock some with glazing in the top half of the door however other styles are available.

We can supply various styles of vision panels for the pre-decorated panels for applications where a window is required.

I am currently researching into a shelving system which can be fixed to the pre-decorated panels.

In the pipeline

A door system where the door hand can be changed whilst still in situ so a left hand can be changed to right hand and vice versa.

Fire rated system including the use of the Multi-Pro high performance building board to obtain a non-combustible pre-decorated panel. This system will be aimed at the modular building market and office partitioning.

Low budget, quick fitting toilet cubicle for use in relocatable/portable buildings.

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