FGF Vinyltech is a specially formulated rigid vinyl that moves with the wall, not against it. So it's an end to cracking joints caused by expansion and contraction.

The objective of FGF Vinyltech accessories is to provide plastering and drywall contactors with a more economical, better performing alternative to steel, zinc and aluminium, and our products have done just that. During the last 25 years Vinyltech has been used in some of the hottest and coldest places in the world.

The Vinyltech products are manufactured in a weatherproof PVC material, which will perform satisfactorily under ultra-violet light and freeze thaw cycles. The products will not rust, cause electrolysis, or sweat, they are hard to dent or kink and paint adhesion is excellent.

Tough and Durable

FGF Vinyltech is totally maintenance free; there will be no more dents, kinks or cracks during transit or installation, so it’s a virtual end to wastage.

Simple to Handle & Install

Because it is lightweight FGF Vinyltech is easy to handle, cut, shape and install. It is designed with holes and hooks in the legs to lock the strips into the plaster and adherence is excellent. It can also be nailed, screwed, stapled, glued or tied to a substrate. In addition, some sections can be curved to form perfect arches, others to create decorative inset panels, in fact their applications are only limited by the users imagination.

For full details on the on the extensive FGF Vinyltech range, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Stucco & Plaster Accessories

Our rust-free and impact resistant stucco and plaster products include:

  • Corner Bead
  • Movement Bead
  • Slip Joint/Slip Joint Reveal
  • Control Joint
  • Casing Beads
  • Drip Screed
  • Bridge Reveal
  • Foundation Weep Screed
  • Channel Reveals
    .. In a variety of sizes

Drywall Accessories

Plastic Components' drywall accessories include:

  • Corner Bead
  • Bullnose Corner Bead
  • Arched Corner Bead
  • Shadow Mould Drywall Reveal
  • Trim Tab
  • Fillable J and L Bead
  • Expansion Joints and J Bead
  • They are designed for economy and durability; and offer superior resistance to denting, kinking and corrosion

Latest News

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FGF can supply alternative solutions to the Pyrok high performance structural board.

Alternative to Masterclad

FGF can supply an alternative to Masterclad, which is equally as tough and durable high impact strength.


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